Make A Planned Gift

Thank you for considering a donation to OCCOA’s Planned Giving Program! Those who wish to leave a legacy now have an opportunity to do so through this program, which offers charitable giving opportunities beyond simple donations.

Why make a planned gift to OCCOA?

You may be able to enhance your own and your family’s financial well-being through advanced planning while showing your generosity to a favorite cause, such as OCCOA, possibly reducing taxes on your estate and having more funds available for charity than you ever expected.

Donating teaches your children and grandchildren the importance of using resources wisely to help the community through a planned gift that will make a lasting impact on an organization you believe in. Occasionally review your estate plan to assure that it represents your current charitable goals.

How can you make a planned gift to OCCOA?

  • Through a codicil to your existing will that creates a bequest to OCCOA.
  • By adding OCCOA as a beneficiary to your insurance policy.
  • Through a charitable gift annuity that allows you to support OCCOA while providing yourself with a lifetime income.
  • By adding OCCOA as a beneficiary to your retirement plan or IRA.
  • By establishing a donor advised fund with your community foundation and making vested tax-decuctible contributions. Earnings grow tax-free and can be donated to any qualified charity.
  • Through a charitable trust that may benefit you, your loved ones, and OCCOA, while offering significant tax advantages and other benefits.

Does OCCOA offer financial, legal, estate planning, or tax advice?

Although OCCOA does not offer financial, legal, estate planning, or tax advice, our management team can provide general information regarding which method of giving would work best for you.

Are bequest designations revocable?

Bequest designations in a will, insurance policies, retirement plans, or revocable trusts are generally revocable and may be changed by you at any time.

Can I make changes to my planned gift once I’ve made it?

Charitable gift annuities and certain trusts are irrevocable. Funds may not be returned once transferred. Some gift plans work well with cash and others with appreciated assets, such as stock, or with property.

Your own legal and financial advisors can help you complete any planned gift!

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