CommunO2 (Community Oxygen) is a fun, free community-focused “SuperApp” that is available for download on Android phones and tablets and Apple iPhones and iPads through the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Its easy single sign-in interface allows you to safely and quickly connect to other SuperApp users, area organizations, businesses, services, and faith-based communities, via video calls, as well as live stream events and activities in Otsego County.  In addition, you can enjoy virtual travel around the world, safer web browsing and online shopping, and free access to many e-Books, audio books, classic TV and radio shows, and much more.

You will find that as you explore the CommunO2 SuperApp, you can even watch the elk at the Gaylord Elk Park through three live web-cams or join in on the Chair Yoga classes at Yoga-45. You can also enjoy live instant video chats with your family and friends, as wells as staff from many area organizations and businesses.

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Instructions:  Open the camera on your device and hover over the appropriate QR code until it is lined up between the brackets on the device. Follow the instructions that appear on our screen.
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Otsego County CommunO2 Participating Organizations

The CommunO2 SuperApp is yet another way to connect to Otsego County CommunO2 participating organizations! Once you download it, just open it up,  log in as a guest or create an account, and enjoy exploring! If you have questions, you can tap the Talk To Us button on this website! *

Arts, Culture, Entertainment

  • Gaylord Area Council for the Arts
  • Gaylord Elk Park
  • Otsego County Historical Society


  • University Center at Gaylord

Faith, Spirituality

  • First United Methodist of Gaylord
  • Trinity Lutheran of Gaylord

Funeral Homes

  • Gaylord Community Funeral Home & Cremation Service
  • Nelson Funeral Home & Cremation Service


  • City of Gaylord
  • Otsego County Michigan


  • Yoga-45


  • The Porches Assisted/Independent Living Community


  • Opportunities available!

Professional Services

  • Jordan Balkema Elder Law Center

Service Clubs

  • Opportunities available!


  • Opportunities available!

Social Services

  • Otsego County Commission on Aging
  • Otsego County United Way
  • RSVP of Otsego County


  • Opportunities available!

Tourism, Economic Development

  • Gaylord Elk Park
  • Otsego Community Foundation
  • Gaylord Tourism Bureau

Transportation, Utilities, Communications

  •  Opportunities available!

Other Category Possibilities Available!


* There are opportunities to join the growing number of CommunO2 participating organizations!  Click here to learn more or Contact Us, today!

CommunO2 “Communities of Focus”

CommunO2 currently has six “communities of focus” in Michigan. Additional opportunities are available through grant funding received through the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. The current “communities of focus” include:

  • Otsego County
  • Flint
  • Traverse City
  • Chippewa County
  • St. Clair County
  • Washtenaw County
  • TBD

Click here for additional information on how  your community can join the growing CommunO2 Community Partnership Program or Contact Us, today!


CommunO2 is made possible, in part, through a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.


“Technology is best when it brings people together!
~ Matt Mullenweg