Following are some testimonials from some satisfied Otsego County Commission on Aging clients:

Tammy is fantastic! This class [Young at Heart] is not only important to me physically, but also mentally and spiritually!
~M. E. H., February 2, 2024

I know you are busy, and I am grateful that you have always made time to talk with me about many issues that I’ve been dealing with. I’ve been going through some very stressful times. And I have been feeling very overwhelmed with a lot of legal matters since the death of my brother and mother. I’m so thankful for all of you at the Otsego County Commission on Aging. You’ve gone above and beyond to help me get through this very sad time. I’m very thankful that we have such a caring and helpful group of people like you in our community.
~ C. P., May 2023

I appreciate OCCOA not only for the help with my wife when she was ill, but also for me and all who live in this county. My caregiver and all the caregivers I have had, give 100%. I’m so grateful.
~ J. K., May 2023

The OCCOA has bee a godsend to my dad and me. I am a 24/7 sole caregiver to my 92-year old father with Alzheimer’s. This commitment has many heart-warming rewards, but it also has its heartbreaking and very stressful difficulties. Thanks to the OCCOA, I’m able to get a few uninterrupted hours to work in peace, attend to pressing errands, or have lunch with a friend and unwind. The Commission has been generous and accommodating, and the caregivers have always been very kind and attentive to my father’s needs. I continue to be incredibly grateful for the services they provide.
~ F. S., May 2023

OCCOA – thank you for such lovely ladies that serve others with such care and kindness! Thank you!
~ C. O., May 2023

The Young at Heart exercise class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday could not be better Theresa and Tammy are excellent instructors. These classes have improved my overall health by 100%. My doctor says, “Keep up with the exercise.” Very affordable too. Great class. 
~ K. Y., May 2023

This is written to thank all of you for the great service you have provided for me that allows me to remain in my home for many years now. I have been receiving meals on wheels and a home care worker who helps me to get groceries, medications, and runs many types of errands and does some household chores. The staff is consistently kind and understanding. They are the best. I am so grateful for all of the help. I could not live in my home in my retirement, so you mean everything to me. Thank you SO MUCH!
~ J. D., May 2023

I have three different girls coming to help me. Kathy, I have had over 10 years. I didn’t think I needed the help for cleaning. She proved me wrong. Then, this year, actually last November, I injured my right knee. I have had both knees replaced. My children were concerned about me living by myself. We all had a meeting with Marcie [OCCOA In-Home Service coordinator] and in entered my other angels. Elaine comes 2 days a week for my bath. Angie comes every other week on Wednesday to take on the grocery shopping. I’m an independent, almost 83-year old woman who has a lot of arthritis. I enjoy seeing the girls on my allotted days. We visit and enjoy their being here. I couldn’t ask for a better crew. My children are happy and I’m happy to have my angels here with me. They notice things about me, changes, etc. With them I’m more confident on being alone and not being in an assisted living home.
~ S. D., April 2023

Thank you for wonderful meals and good service!
~ J. E., January 2023

I fell in January 2023 and broke my shoulder. I called the OCCOA to ask for help with some light housekeeping. Angela came from your agency and has been a Godsend and an angel. She has far surpassed any expectations I might have had. I can’t speak highly enough about Angie. She has enhanced my life in so many ways. Thank you OCCOA for this wonderful service. 
~ J. O., January 2023