Chair Yoga – Virtual

Chair Yoga is a version of yoga utilizing a chair as the main prop. You can now attend classes virtually and safely from the comfort of your own home through the CommunO2 app, which needs to be downloaded on your Android or Apple device. It can be downloaded by clicking on one of the following links while on that device:

Chair Yoga makes yoga accessible to those who may not be able to participate in standing exercise and allows them the full experience of a yoga class while sitting in a chair or using the chair as a source of support. The body benefits from Chair Yoga through increased strength, flexibility and stamina. The mind benefits as yoga helps to improve concentration, calms the emotions and clears mental chatter. The spirit will benefit by experiencing expanded awareness and an encouragement toward peace, love and compassion for others.

In addition to engaging in physical movement or “asanas”, our Chair Yoga program will provide instruction in pranayama or “mindful breathing” and offer brief rounds of mediation and visualization.

Virtual Chair Yoga is a partnership program between the Otsego County Commission on Aging and Yoga-45 Studio. The next scheduled Chair Yoga sessions will be held:

Date:  New session being planned right now!

Time: TBD

Location:  Yoga-45 Studio – Virtually, through the CommunO2 App

Cost: Agency Funded

OCCOA Chair Yoga Flyer – To be announced!



“When you do the right thing,
you get the peace and serenity associated with it.”
Do it again and again!
~ Ray T. Bennett