Agency Departments & Staff


Executive Director Dona J. Wishart

Accountant & Finance Coordinator Annie Mayer
Advocacy Coordinator Jacob Rossow
Customer Service Coordinator Shannon Gapinski
Healthy Aging Program Interim Coordinator Charles May
In-Home Service Coordinator Marcella May, CNA
Meal Program Coordinator Wanda Cherwinski
Medical Resource Coordinator Pamela Carlson, RN
Otsego Haus Coordinator Evie Riozzi, LPN
Research & Volunteer Coordinator Eileen Godek


Lori Allen Financial Assistant
Kim Boughner, CNA Service Provider
Wendy Cherwinski, CNA Service Provider
Kayla Dreffs, CNA Service Provider
Nancy Engfer, CNA Service Provider
Tammy Goletz Meal Program Assistant
Ashley Hartley, CNA Service Provider
Kelsey Helton, Advocacy and MMAP Counselor
Brittany Koronka, CNA Service Provider
Sheila Markle In-Home Service Administrative Assistant/Peer Mentor
Charles May Advocacy & MMAP Counselor
Karen Mendolia, CNA Service Provider
Tammie Nemeth Volunteer Program Assistant
Elaine Panosso, Service Provider
Vicki Ramsey, CNA Service Provider/Matter of Balance Coach
Rebecca Ross, CNA Service Provider
Theresa Ross, CNA Advocacy Department Office Manager/Medical Transport Intake Specialist
Kathy Schellie, CNA Service Provider
Linda Tyran Service Provider
April Wilson, CNA Service Provider


“Good judgment comes from experience,
and experience comes from bad judgment.”
~ Rita Mae Brown