The OCCOA offers activities, events, and programs throughout the year for Otsego County older adults, including monthly curbside meals, Tiger Trips, and activities and programs focused on healthy aging.

Monthly curbside meals, which were introduced during the pandemic, continue to delight and attract area older adults. Each meal includes a delicious hot entrée, dessert, and small gift. All are served with a smile by agency staff volunteers.

Volunteers Anita Wadsworth and Deborah Weber enjoy leading the Tiger Trips to Comerica Park!

OCCOA resumed its popular Trip Program this year now that pandemic restrictions have lifted. Trips to Comerica Park are scheduled for August 11 and September 1, 2022.

Healthy Aging Program

The agency continues to offer a wide variety of programs and activities through its Healthy Aging Program.

Young at Heart is an exercise class that includes gentle aerobics and the use of light weights. It is offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the OCCOA’s lower-level activity room.

Walk Michigan meets three times a week!

Walk Michigan is an adult healthy walking program designed to reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis and improve participants’ balance and strength as they explore the parks and trails of Otsego County. The program is offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in rotations of eight three-times-a week sessions, followed by a week off. The Monday walks are scheduled at various locations throughout Otsego County, and the Wednesday and Friday walks are scheduled at Gaylord’s Aspen Park.

Boomers Bootcamp, a partnership program between the OCCOA and Big North Barbell, is a functional fitness program that is designed for adults 55 and older. It is scheduled during two different time frames on Tuesday and Thursday at Big North Barbell.

Many older adults restrict their activities due to concerns about falling. A Matter of Balance is an OCCOA program designed to help older adults manage falls and increase their activity levels. The four-week workshops are offered on Tuesday and Thursday at the OCCOA’s upper-level activity room.

Life is a Balancing Act is a fall prevention program offered to past A Matter of Balance participants who have requested the opportunity to gather as a group to continue the good work started in past A Matter of Balance workshops. These classes are offered in the OCCOA’s lower-level activity room on Tuesday mornings.

Marjorie and Yoga~45 Instructor Kendra Clark work on a yoga pose.

Gentle Yoga is a partnership program between the OCCOA and Yog~45 and is designed to help older adults increase their flexibility, strength, and stamina. It is scheduled at the OCCOA’s lower-level activity room every Thursday. Modifications for those wishing to do yoga poses from a chair are available.


Healthy Aging Activities Calendars (Traditional Calendar Format)

Paper copies of the following Healthy Aging Activities Calendars are available at the OCCOA (lower level) near the Customer Service waiting room.

Please see the OCCOA Activities Calendar on this website for the most up-to-date information!


Up-coming Activities